Air Conditioning & Chiller Rental

We Have All Type Of Air Conditioning & Chillers

When it comes to rent air conditioning, you can be count us in the highest quality of the equipment from:
Portable Air-Cond
Window Unit
Air-Cooled Self-Contained
Air-Cooled Floor Standing Unit ( 5HP / 10HP )
Chilled Water Floor Standing Unit ( 5HP / 23HP / 36HP )
Chilled Water AHU ( Air Handling Unit )
Plate HEX ( Heat Exchanger )
Air-Cooled Chiller
Fabric Ducting

Rental Air Conditioning & Chiller

Tk Rentals offers air cond rental for commercial, industrial, and construction applications. We have various sizes to choose from and many units available to suit your requirements. Our industrial and commercial air conditioners can cool any size building from a small office room to large manufacturing factory or warehouse.


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